Look up!

Good morning beautiful people! Today’s inspiration is brought to you by a light drizzle blanketing my patio this morning, a nonstop battle between hubby and I about whether we should turn the heat on or leave it off (team heat on), and pumpkin spice coffee!

This morning I decided to take a return trip to one of my favorite destinations, Bangkok. I was fortunate to travel there almost monthly beginning mid 2018 through early 2019.

During my very first trip, I took this photo of me looking up at the sky somewhere on the grounds of the Grand Palace.  It is a site to see. 

To say I was in awe of that place…that experience…was an understatement. But in that moment, while gazing up and past the towering ornate walls and columns into the open expanse of the sky, I realized this:

When you look down, your possibilities seem very limited and sometimes obstructed. When you look up, your possibilities are limitless.

Alot of us are “looking down” while trying to navigate our careers and then wondering why we aren’t experiencing the growth we want or need.

Notice I said growth and not advancement. I realize that In certain environments,  career advancement is often dependent upon someone else.

In all environments growth is dependent upon you.

Growth often comes disguised as risk, change, and fear and when that happens many of us go into survival mode.

And while I can’t speak for everyone else, for me survival mode is looking down, staying comfortable and not making waves. Basically,  it’s settling.

But in this season, I want to thrive!

Thriving requires different behaviors. It requires different perspectives, a willingness to change, adaptability, assumption of risk and belief. Basically, it requires you to look up.

So what are you waiting for?

Thrive with me.

As you head into this final week of October be determined to look up.⬆️

Happy Sunday!

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