Seek to be whole, not everything!

Good morning beautiful people!!! Today’s  inspiration is brought to you by last night’s gorgeous full moon, my new alarm clock a.k.a. baby birds chirping in the wee hours of the morning and 2 cups of coffee.  Doing some reflecting this morning about my “safe mode” of overachieving and people pleasing. When things change and I’m…

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Today is a gift

**originally published on my blog at** Good morning beautiful people!!! Today’s inspiration is brought to you by a week of unseasonably warm temperatures, birds chirping in the background, deer playing in the woods and some morning sunshine with notes of vanilla and orange. ☕️ If you asked me to play back everything I did…

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Empower. Enlighten. Encourage.

Good morning beautiful people!  Today’s inspiration is brought to you by my Winter Night candle (yes, I am eagerly anticipating the first snow), my 90’s R & B playlist, and…peppermint mocha coffee!!! I will never forget the first time someone asked me what kind of leader I wanted to be.  It was January 2013 and…

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Life is from the inside out. When you shift on the inside, life shifts on the outside.

Kamal Ravikant