Live BIG. Take up space.

Good morning beautiful people!!! It’s been a while, I know, but today’s inspiration is brought to you by my vanilla patchouli candle, my angel wing begonia that loves it’s home as per all of the new leaves making their debut, and a piping hot cup of morning sunshine, aka coffee.

Last week I had a conversation with a friend and it took an interesting turn. Somehow we ended up talking about all the ways she and I had played it safe in life and career.

We talked about the times we knew we should have just put ourselves out there and gone after opportunity. We talked about all of the times we self-selected ourselves out of advancement or a blessing because we lacked confidence or because generational trauma taught to prioritize comfort over risk.

The times when we knew we were being overworked, underpaid, underutilized, undervalued, etc. and just accepted it.

All because of that little voice that said “Just be grateful for what you have and where you are.”

As I repeated that, it was in that moment that I realized gratitude never had anything to do with it.

Lack of direction and support…often.
Fear…almost always!

Which leads to this question…

How many times have YOU self selected yourself out of an opportunity or blessing? How many times a day, week, month, year do you play it small? What are you afraid of???

Thus today’s moment in a mug.


It was around this time last year that Thasunda Brown-Duckett shared her words of wisdom during a #BlackHistoryMonth event hosted by CVS Health and she reminded the audience of this…

Our ancestors have already bought and paid for our opportunities.

They have already done the hard work to pave the way for you, me…ALL of us to own our greatness.

So no more renting or playing it small.

Take up space.
Claim your place.
Live BIG!

Happy Wednesday!

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