See yourself

Who are you showing up as everyday?

Is it the real you or is it a representative?

Do you even know the real you?

These are the questions I ask myself daily as I strive to see and acknowledge “me.” It’s important. It helps me stay grounded in my purpose. It helps me keep my position in plain sight.

For years I struggled with feeling visibly invisible. I was there. People saw past me but their eyes were never laid on me. My representative was in the room but I was never present.

Until I began to see myself.

I now know that keeping myself visibly invisible was a defense mechanism and an excuse. Seeing myself required me to acknowledge flaws, faults as well as my purpose and potential. Seeing myself meant holding myself accountable.

Seeing myself meant dismissing my representative. It required me to show up authentically, each and every day.

Now I’m not going to lie. Doing the work to see yourself is difficult. It can bring up trauma and pain. It can cause you to have to face some hard truths. But you know what else is hard?

Standing by while your representative makes a half hearted attempt to live YOUR life.

So do the work. See yourself. Be determined to live your life VISIBLY visible.

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  1. I can totally relate to this. Most of the times, we try to just go with the flow or dismiss our views and opinions in order to blend with the crowd. Over the time, I have realized, this may be an attempt to hide my flaws or not to come across as totally different person. But there is absolutely no valid reason to not be proud of yourself for your own opinions or different take on things. You wrote it really nicely. We should always acknowledge ourselves first in order to be acknowledged by this world.

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