Today is the perfect day to start.

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How many times have you said “Tomorrow I am going to start…?”  

Then tomorrow becomes today and the thing you said you would do is suddenly deferred until that tomorrow is one of many yesterdays.

My questions is this: What are you waiting for?

Alot of times we hold off on our intentions because we deem other people or things more important than doing what we want or need to do. Sometimes we defer them because they are too hard and require us to put in some work.  More often than not, we delay because the fear of succeeding is too much.

You read that right…fear of succeeding.  Deep seated traumas and experiences can often have us feeling like we are unworthy of success. Unworthy of happiness.

Unworthy of dreaming.

After all, if you chase those dreams you just might catch them and then what?  

Many of us don’t know how to function in a state of accomplishment and we crave dysfunction so we defer our dreams so dysfunction can co-exist in our being.

When deferring a dream, have you ever considered that you are waiting for a time you are not guaranteed to see.  What if something happens and tomorrow never comes?


Find the courage to go after what you want today. Fight the urge to walk away from what it is you are so deserving of. Deferring your dreams is deferring yourself.

Don’t turn your back on YOU.

Happy Tuesday!

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