Be firmly rooted

Good morning beautiful people!!!! Today’s inspiration is brought to you by the leaves falling from the trees, dipping temperatures making space for turtlenecks and sweaters (yay!), and, yes, pumpkin spice coffee with some frothed pumpkin spice creamer and cinnamon sprinkled on top.

This morning I was scrolling through some memories from summer and saw this picture. I remember this moment.

My husband and I have the pleasure of having our home back up to a state park so on this particular morning we decided to take a walk. We ended up getting “lost” in nature and walked 3.5 miles through the woods, taking in the scenery.

And the lessons.

When we stumbled across this tree, I was struck by how clear it was that it has endured some trauma. In fact, it looks like someone had chopped it down at one point. And they didn’t just lop off the top, they cut the limbs off of the sides as well.

But in spite of this, you see new branches emerging. From top to bottom, sprouting boldly in spite of attempts to stop or stunt its growth. This little tree, is clearly strongly rooted under the surface which gives it the ability to continue to grow in spite of the circumstances above the surface.

Ah, the lessons.

Sometimes, life is pure chaos above the surface. We are forced to deal with trauma or circumstances beyond our control that, to some, should count us out and cut us down.

That should stop or stunt our growth.

That’s why it is SO important to have a strong root system or foundation beneath the surface of it all.

It’s important to do the work to know who and what you are and the value you bring to any and all situations and circumstances. To reinforce and encourage yourself to strengthen your root structure.

That way, even when circumstances or situations impact you above the surface, you’ll never lose your ability to sprout and grow…

Because you’re firmly rooted.

Can’t wait to revisit this tree next summer to see how much it has grown!

Happy Thursday!

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