Blue moon

Good morning beautiful people! Today’s inspiration is brought to you by the fragrance of my Noir candle, a warm cup of peach tea (still no coffee), and last night’s blue moon.

Let’s talk about that moon or seasonal blue moon.

What’s that?

According to NASA, “it is the third Full Moon of an astronomical season that has four Full Moons.”

This picture doesn’t do it justice because it illuminated the sky in the wee hours of the morning once the clouds parted. (That’s why I needed an extra hour this morning. 🤭)

It was worth the exercise in waking up to snap this photo because looking at the moon makes me think of possibilities.

All of the things I have yet to accomplish.
All of the things I have yet to be.

Sometimes people, circumstances or situations will tell you when you’ve reached your highest height. They’ll have you thinking you can’t go any higher.

Don’t believe them!

Paul Brandt said, “Don’t tell me the sky is the limit when there are footprints on the Moon.”

Don’t let those who settled for the sky take away your aim for the moon.

Remember your possibilities.

Happy Monday!


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