No drama club

Good morning beautiful people! Today’s inspiration is brought to you by last night’s torrential downpour during which my hubby and I may have been Ronnie, Bobby, Ricky, Mike, Ralph and Johnny, my Noir candle and some peach tea (day 4 no coffee).

Talked to my Dad last night and, as usual, we had a few laughs and reminisced about old times, the family farm, and my grandmother’s sweet pepper relish. ❤

In that moment, all the world’s problems seemed nonexistent and I was immediately transformed into that little Daddy’s girl handing him tools as he tinkered on his old Baracuda.

In that moment, there was no drama. My heart was so full and consumed by our conversation, there wasn’t any room for drama, negativity, or anything in between.

No vacancies.

As we move into this week,  we can be sure that drama, negativity, problems,  etc. will attempt to check-in to our minds and hearts.

Don’t let it.

Fill up every corner of your heart and mind with positive thoughts, purpose, memories and presence.

Because in the no drama club, we only make space for positive vibes.

Anything else…

No vacancy.

Happy Monday!

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