Good morning beautiful people. Today’s inspiration is brought to you by day two of trading coffee for tea, the remnants of our second thunderstorms this week and my weekly reflection.

This week was heavy. Heavier than normal.

Felt like at every turn I was tripping, stumbling, and falling down.

Face plant and open palms type of falling.

Thinking back, I can’t attribute it to one thing in particular. Could be I was too invested in results that aren’t mine to achieve.

Could be I needed to adjust my perspective and hope with no expectation.

Whatever the case. and for as much as I wanted to stay down, I’m not built that way.

In fact, I have a long history of falling down and getting back up.

As a little girl, I would climb trees, ride bikes, explore the woods, etc. and would sustain falls, bruises, cuts and scrapes.

I still have some of the scars.

But I was so tenacious. I wouldn’t let any of that deter me.. My mom said I would stay outside all day and then, at night, come in falling all apart.

She’d patch me up and I’d be right back at it the next day like the day before never happened.

So that’s what I’m doing to prepare for the next week. Taking some time to practice self care to patch myself up and act like last week never happened.

A Japanese Proverbs says “fall seven times and stand up eight.”

If you feel like last week knocked you down, get back up.

Because there is no shame in falling and admitting you’ve fallen. It’s in accepting defeat and never getting back up again.

Happy Saturday!

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