Good Morning Sunshine!

Good morning!!! Today’s inspiration is brought to you by setting my alarm clock for an hour later, waking up at my regular time, using that hour to catch up on Law & Order SVU, and a hot cup of caffeinated goodness.

Lately, I’ve found myself stressing more than normal and for someone with anxiety that’s saying something.

Stressing over everything. Self imposed deadlines. Why it’s taking me so long to finish my book. Why I waited so long to start a business. Why I can’t seem to break the ceiling and get to the next level.


The last time I felt like this, I was in ELDP and meeting with my executive coach at the time (now friend) Margaret and she asked me to think about my future self.

She asked me to not only name what my future self would be doing, but to give her a name so I could reflect and refer to her often. She asked me if my future self would care about the things I was stressing about at the time.

The name I chose is Sunshine.

Sunshine is the future version of me who successfully renovates an old Victorian home in the country. She turns that Victorian into a home for seriously mentally ill where they will learn to monetize a trade or skill.

Sunshine isn’t worried about a her career, her title, climbing,  etc. She is merely concerned with helping others help themselves.

Now I know in order to get to Sunshine, I’ll need capital, resources and business acumen to sustain this goal of helping others.

But by recalling Sunshine, I am also reminding myself to not get caught up in the small stuff if it doesn’t add up to anything meaningful or significant to the person I  hope to be.

There is nothing wrong with achieving, climbing, and earning to your fullest potential. Just don’t let those things cause you to lose sight of your “Sunshine.”

Happy Wednesday!

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