Every now and then move your own cheese!

The last few weeks have been a complete and total whirlwind. I’m not sure what I thought relocating from one side of the country to the other was going to be like. After all, we just made this move the other way two short years ago. But two years ago, we were younger and hadn’t yet been bogged down by COVID-19 and the forced slowness that accompanies it.

Nevertheless, here we are. Four weeks into our new normal. We’re doing great, huh?

Ha! Here’s the thing. Neither of us took the time to slow down and catch our breath. We took vacation time, yes. But that time was consumed by the three day journey cross country, house hunting once we got here and then moving in…




What can I say? I’m a movement by myself but together…we are a force! (Gold star if you know which song inspired that line.) Anyway, we pushed and pushed to set up our new home so we could feel as normal as possible heading back to work.

Mission accomplished! Our home is complete, warm and set up just the way we like it. Our minds and bodies on the other hand, well, not so much. We’ve been struggling a bit. Here’s why.

  1. Time zone changes. I underestimated just how valuable my 3 hour cushion was to my morning routine and overall mental health. I love to start my days earlier so being able to wake up at 5 a.m. and start working shortly thereafter made me feel productive. It also meant that my afternoons were mine because all of my East coast colleagues wrapped up their days around 2 p.m. my time. That’s all gone now. Now I am working until 5 o’clock 5 o’clock. Same thing for the hubby. He went 0 to 100 literally with his schedule.
  2. Two flights of stairs. I’m not saying we’re out of shape. I am saying we went from a two bedroom one level apartment to a three story townhome. Steps to get to the main living area. More steps to get to our bedroom and my office. I have never been winded so much in my life! Let’s not even talk about moving furniture up those steps. It has been a challenge. One that my knees, lungs, etc. are not too happy about right now. But they’ll adjust.
  3. Everything is new. I mean everything! Don’t get me wrong. There is a measure of excitement when moving to a new area. You instantly become explorers. I personally test myself to see if I can find my way around without Google Maps like in the olden days. But there is also some inconvenience in that. Why can’t every Wal-Mart be set up the same? **sigh** Don’t even get me started on traffic, road conditions, potholes, weather, etc.

It has been ALOT. What’s worse, we haven’t given ourselves the time necessary to pause and adjust. This move feels so uncomfortable right now. Sometimes I even think maybe it wasn’t such a great idea. Dare I say, I want things to go back to the way they were just a mere 5 weeks ago?

Hold up. Sounds like someone is resisting change. When I shared this sentiment with my hubby, he said he was feeling the same. So I knew there was only one thing to do. We sat down, locked hands and…

We watched “Who Moved My Cheese” on YouTube. This is the simplest yet MOST impactful lesson in change management. The best 12 minutes we have spent since our relocation. Why? Because not only did we see a little bit of Hem and Haw in ourselves, we realized we moved our own cheese.

In fact, we have been moving our own cheese for years. From hubby enlisting in the Air Force to moving back East upon his separation to buying a home in a new state to numerous career moves and job changes, we have become rather skilled at creating our own change. Watching this short clip reminded us of that and the need to be bold, go out in to the maze like Sniff and Scurry to find new cheese.

Here’s the thing. Sometimes life happens to you. Last year was a prime example of that for all of us. But in growth, sometimes…most of the time….you have to happen to life. You have to move your own cheese. Comfort leads to complacency and complacency is the fastest way to stunted growth, meaning you are constantly contorting who you are to adapt to what life throws at you. And while there is absolutely nothing wrong with being adaptable, you have to claim control over what you adapt to. That often requires moving your own cheese and creating your own change.

Looking back, I wouldn’t trade any of the uncomfortableness I have felt over the years because they don’t call it growing pains for nothing. It has all been worth it and I know it will continue to be. But these two flights of stairs…well that remains to be seen.

If you find yourselves at a crossroad, bored with life or looking to spice it up a bit, get out there and move your own cheese. And if your cheese has been moved for you, get out there and find new cheese!

Happy Friday!

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