Monday is a mindset

When I started working internationally, time zones weren’t the only thing I had to adjust to. I also had to adjust what “Monday” was.

My first assignment was to stand up a virtual health hub in Dubai. The workweek there is Sunday to Thursday. That took some adjusting. I’d take a Friday morning flight, land there on Saturday and have to be ready to hit the ground running on Sunday morning.

Sunday morning? YES, Sunday morning.

Jet lagged and everything. There was no room for Monday, or in that case, Sunday blues. I had to be focused, productive and all about my business on Sunday. No questions asked.

For as challenging as it was to work on what I had always looked at as “the weekend,” I learned one critical thing…

Monday is a mindset.

How you choose to approach your Monday dictates how you will navigate your entire week. There is power in that!

Now, I haven’t always been hyped about Mondays. I used to dread the sound of the alarm going off and pray for a power outage, wifi issues, or ANYTHING that meant I didn’t have to start my Monday. The Monday blues had total control over me. Here’s how I took my power back:

1. I started setting weekly intentions the night before. Every Sunday I craft my weekly intentions based on how I want to feel at the end of each day and week. This helps me see Monday as the catalyst for helping me achieve my desired day or week end state. If I want the week to end on a high note, then starting it off on a high note is a great start and that’s all on me.

2. I practice gratitude. Nothing like waking up and saying “Thank you” that puts you in a good headspace. Every morning after I shut off my alarm, I literally say the words out loud. Practicing gratitude first thing is a great way to shift and set your mind to pay a little less attention to the small stuff and focus on the big picture. You’re still here. Everything else is a bonus…even a Monday.

3. I create a “get to” list. If COVID-19 has taught me nothing else, it has taught me to appreciate the little things. They are HUGE when that’s all you have. I remind myself that Mondays mean I get to go to work, provide for my family, live comfortably and do meaningful work. Saying “get to” as opposed to “have to” takes the dread out of the day. It also a great compliment to gratitude practice.

Remember, Monday is a mindset. Friday is a mindset. Living is a mindset. Just because the world around you tells you to hate the day, doesn’t mean you have to follow suit. Take your power back and with it all the promise and potential each Monday brings!

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  1. This is a wonderful post! I set daily intentions, which has helped my mindset in ways I never thought possible. I also meditate for at least 10 minutes first thing in the morning.


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