Seek to be whole, not everything!

Good morning beautiful people!!! Today’s  inspiration is brought to you by last night’s gorgeous full moon, my new alarm clock a.k.a. baby birds chirping in the wee hours of the morning and 2 cups of coffee. 

Doing some reflecting this morning about my “safe mode” of overachieving and people pleasing.

When things change and I’m feeling uncomfortable my default is to try to be Superwoman.

But life has taught me two things about trying to be all things to all people:

1. It’s not possible.
2. In the process of trying you will leave nothing for yourself.

It took me years to grasp the concept of wholeness in lieu of everythingness. (Still a work in progress.) The feeling that my well intentioned efforts and the person that I am in the moment is enough and has always been enough regardless of an end result.

Freeing yourself from the pressure of having to people please or meet some made up expectations is like opening up your airways after being congested.


And while finding contentment in wholeness and not trying to be everything is often uncomfortable,  feels foreign and takes constant practice, I find satisfaction in now knowing the only expectation I must meet is the one I set for myself. And that is…

To be whole and not everything.

Because when you are trying to be everything it allows the next person to be nothing. And your everything added to their nothing gives them something and leaves you less than.

So as we prepare to head into the coming week remember…

Don’t be less than…

Be whole.

Happy Sunday!

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