Stay grounded

Good morning beautiful people!  Today’s inspiration is brought to you by still being able to enjoy the “extra” hour thanks to Daylight Savings, sheer joy in my heart ♥ for this day, and…of course…a cup of  piping hot pumpkin spice sunshine. 

Last week, as my husband came in from work, he had a big box in his arms.  He also had that look on his face this is always accompanied by the words “What did you order now?” LOL!

This time I was able to say “Nothing!”  I had no idea where the box came from.  But I eagerly opened it nonetheless.  I mean, who doesn’t like surprises?

Inside, I found a set of four coffee mugs that were gifted by a friend.  Different from any of my others which is hard to do since I have quite a collection. ☺  All with cute little sayings on them but, when given a second thought, had such a deeper meaning.

Like this one. “STAY GROUNDED.”

Initially, when I hear or see “stay grounded” I am drawn to the need to keep a level head, remember where you came from, and make smart decisions to avoid as much complication in life as possible. 

But this time, my mind instantly went to the play on words since this is a coffee mug. When I think about coffee, I know that in order to enjoy the richness of the bean, it has be ground down to allow the hot water to filter all of its yummy goodness into my cup.  But that’s not all!

Even after the liquid coffee is long gone, the leftover grounds still have value. In fact, “even after they’ve been soaked with water and filtered, coffee grounds still contain caffeine, antioxidants, and dietary fiber – though in smaller amounts than before they were brewed.” (Eat Your Coffee, 2019) 💡💡💡

Imagine that.  Coffee can go through the rigorous process of being ground and broken down, filtered with hot water and still have value after its liquid product is consumed.

The same goes for us. 

Staying grounded doesn’t mean avoiding being “ground” and/or filtered with hot water. Sometimes life has a way of doing that to us and there is no way around it. 

Staying grounded means being open to sometimes being broken down and filtered but staying committed to finding value in the you that is left after the process is over.

So stay grounded in your purpose.
Stay grounded in your passion.
Stay grounded in your vision.

Rest assured…whatever hot water you go through, YOU will always have value.

Happy Tuesday!

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