Every day is a gift…

If you’ve ever felt unlovable, you know it’s a struggle to find value within yourself.

Growing up, I was often made to feel like everything about me was bad. My slender build (too skinny), my opinions (too different), my intelligence (too smart), my voice (too white). You get the point.

So as an adult,  I still struggle with maintaining focus on and appreciating my own value.

However, I have come to learn that most of the things that were perceived as a problem in my child form are the catalysts for my successes as this version of me. And while I’m far from slender now, I still have:

1. My opinions. Now I call it perspective. And the ones I bring to the table are unique and valued.

2. My intelligence. Now I call it wisdom compliments of the lemons life gave me that I turned in to apple pie. Given enough time, there isn’t much I can figure out because I’m no quitter.

3. My voice.  Now I call it authenticity. You can’t complain about being silenced if you’re not willing to project your voice. My voice, regardless of being perceived as too white or too articulate has gotten me seats at tables necessary to bring about change. So if you don’t like it…plug your ears.

Please remember,  you are never TOO much or little of anything. You are perfect as is.

Because every day is a gift.
YOU are the present.
Unwrap your potential.
Don’t make yourself uncomfortable because others can’t handle who you really are.

Happy Wednesday!

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