Did you laugh today?

I recently came across a Harvard Business Review article that talked about the value of humor at work. How it increases productivity and employee engagement. But humor is not something I see alot of leaders displaying. Especially right now in the midst of heightened focus around social justice and COVID-19.

But even before now, there were always those people…those leaders that act as if they are too important to smile. They take everything so seriously. As if the world would end and their face would break if they crack a smile.

Those are the leaders I hone in on.

Those are the people I hone in on.

Here’s the thing. There is SO much “stuff” that we are all dealing with every day. Work is now at home. Home has become work. Kids are learning in the background. The expectation is to be on video for every conference call even though your cat is climbing on your keyboard or your dog is barking at the delivery person.

Then, when you do leave your house, you have to wear a mask which covers up AND smudges your lipstick. (Sorry, had a moment.) If you are like me, you are afraid to touch anything. You give anyone who coughs or sneezes the side eye. You feel ashamed if the person coughing or sneezing is you so your anxiety spikes and you assume everyone thinks you have COVID-19.

Life just isn’t easy right now. And it’s certainly nothing to laugh about. Or is it?

Life as we know it right here RIGHT NOW is exactly why we need to laugh. We need to laugh to lighten the mood. We need to laugh to brighten someone else’s day. We need to laugh to cope with the challenges and the uncomfortableness of everything. And yes, sometimes, we need to laugh to keep from crying.

Today I laughed at least 4 times. Yesterday was about the same. Not that I am keeping count but I am being conscious of those moments where I gave myself and others permission to laugh.

In every interaction my goal is this: To leave people better off than when I found them. I consider it a duty to leave you in stitches if the opportunity presents itself.

Basically, don’t come around me if you’re not in the mood to laugh. Because, given enough time, I WILL make you laugh.

You’re welcome.

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