You Make A Difference

If there is one thing my maternal grandmother is known for, it was her way with words. I can recall conversing with her and when the chat neared its end she would always say “Makes a difference, don’t it?”

I never fully understood why she would always say that. As I’ve matured personally and professionally, I have attached my own meaning to those words. To having them attached to end of everything I do.

By today’s standard, making a difference goes unnoticed unless it done on a grand scale. Look at gig and service workers. For as long as most of us can remember, there has always been servers, cashiers, delivery drivers, mailmen & women, etc. But let’s be honest here. We mostly took them for granted until the pandemic hit and they were our lifeline and connection to the outside world.

Even in professional settings, certain roles are treated as less than simply because of the function they perform. Many people who act as the voice or face of a company aren’t afforded training and development in the traditional sense because they need to be on the phone or on the floor. Of course they do! Because they make a difference.

We all do.

As William James once said, “Act as if what you do makes a difference. It does.” Don’t wait for society or anyone else to validate the magnitude of your impact on those around you. See yourself as the difference maker that you are!

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