Unapologetically Dope

Good morning beautiful people!  Today’s inspiration is brought to you by the last few k-cups of toasted coconut goodness (a.k.a summer), the owl outside in the woods near my home and the leaves that are starting to turn more and more each day.

It’s been a while since I actually felt like posting some morning inspiration. For the last week and counting I have been under the weather and it is kicking my butt. 

Who knew a move from East to West and change in climate could have such an impact on my health? (Shout out to the bees who made the honey that is helping my body adapt back to this East coast environment.)

At any rate, I struggled to keep up with the demands of life and work last week. I found myself apologizing about it…alot!

Apologizing for not being able to make dinner. Apologizing for not being able to take certain meetings. Apologizing for canceling. Apologizing for taking off.

In short, apologizing for being human.

Until some reinforcement and empowerment came to me by way of Tangela Garvin-Young, MBA.  Please allow me to introduce the newest addition to my mug family, “Unapologetically Dope.” (Emphasis on the word “unapolgetically.”)

This mug (and the matching t-shirt) reminded me that I don’t have to apologize for not being able to make dinner or for not being able to make a meeting or for canceling or for taking time off.

I don’t have to apologize for being human.

Because when I am at 100% I’m pretty dope.  I’m pretty dope even when I’m not.

So are you!

This week I am learning that time isn’t the only thing you need to give you body to heal.  You also need to give it permission to do so.


Happy Tuesday!

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